Mission Statement

Trinity Mobile X-Ray is dedicated to providing the highest quality of patient care to those in need.

As a new Mobile X-ray provider moving into Middle ,TN, we do so with great confidence that we will provide the highest level of patient care in the mobile industry. We have spent countless hours with our mentors, to make sure that Trinity Mobile X-Ray provides nothing but the best. We are so excited for the opportunity to serve you!!!

About US

x-ray pic 14-page-001This is my beautiful wife Monica. She also has many years of experience in patient care and financial counseling to patients that couldn’t otherwise get assistance. She gives unselfishly to our family and to make sure I stay on course.  Her beautiful smile and tender heart is a huge asset to Trinity Mobile X-Ray.

Tim Russell

CEO/Technologist R.T. (R)

I was born September 12, 1965 in the small town of Martins Ferry Ohio. I graduated from Martins Ferry High School in 1983. After high school I worked as an Emergency Medical Technician, staying close to home to help with my father who was disabled.

x-ray pic 12-page-001I currently have over 20+ years in healthcare. I’ve experienced most types of conditions, molding me to handle any situation that may arise at any given time. Intense training and dedication, has brought me to where I am today, Radiologic Technology. As a Radiologic Technologist, I have a strong work ethic, a positive and enthusiastic attitude that I bring everyday because everyday is a gift. I am a compassionate person who believes in a high standard of patient care, that everyone deserves. I am dedicated, and driven to a profession that I love.

I am married to my wonderful wife (Monica), and have two sons (Timmy , Jacob ) and two step children (Camilo , Rafaela ). God is the focal point of our family, and Trinity Mobile X-Ray. We serve at The Experience Community Church in Murfreesboro TN.